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GPS amp Accessories MAPPY MINI330 MOTORCYCLE 2 wheels Mini 330 Moto Western Europe countries Screen 35 Black


GPS amp Accessories MAPPY MINI330 MOTORCYCLE 2 wheels Mini 330 Moto Western Europe countries Screen 35 Black & Accessories

"GPS amp Accessories MAPPY MINI330 MOTORCYCLE 2 wheels Mini 330 Moto Western Europe countries Screen 35 Black" is a great motorcycle GPS & Accessories Mappy, built to have anything you want. Below you will find detailed description and owner contact information plus photos, technical specifications, prices and similar motorcycles like GPS 2 wheels with additional motorcycle accessories for sale.

Category: GPS 2 wheels | Listed: November 14, 2016

Technical specifications and description for this GPS 2 wheels motorcycle GPS amp Accessories MAPPY MINI330 MOTORCYCLE 2 wheels Mini 330 Moto Western Europe countries Screen 35 Black

Mappy Mini 330 Moto GPS Western Europe 23 countries Screen 35 Black. Product Descriptions-Resistant and waterproof, the GPS mini 330 Moto Mappy is the ideal addition for any biker. This GPS has been thought to simplify the life of users of the two wheels while providing a high degree of safety.Thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology and the headset is provided, the mini 330 guide effectively the biker by voice instructions. Moreover, its 3.5-inch screen displays a mapping clear european and ultradétaillée via his assistant traffic route and its many points of interest.The mini 330 Moto recence more than 1.2 million POIS across Europe and offers its users of the roads in stages in order to optimize travel. Also including the plugs of the Guide of Routard in 126 countries, this GPS Mappy is decked out for all trips. Strengths • Warning from exceeding speed limits, fixed radars in France pre-installed and free update, alert, radar-configurable• 30 favorite destinations configurable and easily attainable• Mode overview of the route, road map searchable and editable• Adding steps, Peas, radars during the journey• set up your route : choice of vehicle, type of roads to include, method of calculation…• Warranty 1 year of manufacturer Mappy Mini 330 Moto GPS Europe of the West (23 countries) Screen 3,5″ Black, Very simple and functional , easy-to-use and fast calculation.Mounting and connection kit well done, a pity that the USB port is not covered when the GPS is not in place.The power button shutdown is a little small, mandatory to put it on without gloves, otherwise touch-sensitive menus are accessible even with gloves while riding !The bluetooth kit works very well (deauville 700) and the sound is correct.The missing c is to be able to plan a route, but with a card in front of the nose is quickly changing the destinations. I return d to Ireland, where despite a rainy weather and the roads very chaotic it has worked very well!Just the altitude that was never correct , but good for bike c is not serious.I had it before on another motorcycle a garmin zumo 550 , more comprehensive, of course, but ultimately not that useful, especially given the price difference!!!I absolutely do not regret my purchase !Eric Very good product, waterproof (tested under the storm on the 1st day), routes, relevant, ease of use, screen very readable either in the sun or in the rain. The bluetooth headset is audible even at 140 km/h on the highway (helmet Shark S900).Excellent bike but a little hard to remove the gps (but in a sense, this n is not more evil).In conclusion, I am very happy with my purchase! Tested and approved!!!The screen is clear and very readable even when the sun is out. A calculation of route is very efficient and very fast. The update of the radars is 20€/year. Ditto for the European cartography. For the fixed speed cameras in France c is already in the purchase and the update is free of charge for the first time;)The attachment n is not quite like on the photo, because these models exhibited defects in maintaining. Currently, the fixation to the handlebar is a little less aesthetic, but he does not move a hair (yet mounted on a Naked Bike without jumps for sale… It holds well!).Only downside, the volume of the earpiece could be a little stronger once the maximum but good, with a dual-exit Sports, c is normal that you n’t hear well in amount in the towers:SRésumé: Very good quality price ratio in the face of a competitors much more expensive! No regrets and the GPS comes up with a lot of accessories and wiring. Super!Fast delivery.Damien If you are looking for a GPS cheap that takes you from where you are up to the location of your choice in 23 european countries, with an indicator of lanes, speed cameras, points of interest, comfortable, practical, go-y. Lack the creation of a route with several points of passage and the calculation of a point (where you are not) to another. But maybe is it me who have not found how to do it ? The clip to attach the headset is not terrible, but a bit of self-aggripant self adhesive and the case is in the bag.Very happy with this acquisition. Actually very easy to use, easy attachment, the calculation of itinnéraires is relatively fast also.Very good product.Only reproaches the bluetooth headset, the volume is really too low damage. This GPS is of an excellent quality-price ratio.I’ve done install without a problem on my motorcycle and it works very well. It is very simple job, and enough performance for me, for which c is my first GPS. The quality of assembly is good, and the motorcycle is very strong.Only concern, but that is not partiulier to this model, the price of the updates is prohibitive. Very convenient ! Already 4000 kms with this Gps and it has always led to good port.100% waterproof and very intuitive concerning the use, screen visible even with the sun.Points negative :- Headset difficult to hear from 120-130kms/h – on/off Button a little practice to use (even without gloves)- Connection of charger gps/headset different (the gps is supported on a base and/or sector, the headset only on sector)Conclusion : apart from this small defect, I’m quite satisfied with the product ! And the council strongly if you want a Gps at the lowest price but also reliable !

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